Tuesday, 7 March 2017

International Women's Day

It’s the International Women’s day today, and on this occasion, I would like to wish you all a Happy Women’s Day. :)

While the internet world is battling over what “Feminism” actually meant, there are still women in this world who face discrimination everywhere and there are also women who are growing with the sky as their limit. The past few years have seen great efforts being put towards women empowerment. Empowering women to get a better education, better opportunities, a better place in the society and many other such things which would make women stand at a better position than they were at for all these years. These efforts have for sure changed a lot of things for women but have changed certain things for men as well. There is always a debate about letting women dominate in every field. This is merely a misconception of what the entire idea of women empowerment is. It is all about being given the freedom to express their ideas and interests, the freedom to choose the job of their interest, the freedom to carve the career of their aspirations, the freedom to grow in their field, the freedom to oppose oppression, and freedom for everything she wants to do in her life.

Being a woman, and celebrating Women’s day, today I can, with all courage and confidence, say that I don’t need someone to push me or help me attain success in life. I don’t need a special status or set of rules framed to let me access my rights. I don’t have to snatch away the opportunity from others to make my own place in this world. I am educated, confident and capable of learning, earning, and succeeding in all phases of my life. All I want from the society is a bit of encouragement, good wishes, and appreciation for my abilities and work. This is what every woman yearns for.

Today, let’s not debate on who is right and who is wrong. Let’s not try to judge the girl over her dress. Let’s not comment on a girl over her profession. Let’s not criticize a girl over her choice of relationships.

If there is something to celebrate, it is the spirit of womanhood. The love a mother showers on her children, the care a wife shows for her family, the concern a sister has for her siblings, the affection a daughter has for her parents. The strength of a woman who manages her work and family with perfection, the confidence of a woman who leads her company towards success, the dignity of a woman who rules her country with great patriotism, the beauty of a woman who lures her audience with her graceful performance. Appreciate her for what she is and for what is does, this is all she expects from the world.

Feminists around the world are not looking for someone to come up and beat the drum for them to gain attention. Feminism is not about proving themselves to be superior to others but to prove that they do exist and they exist as they make others in their lives proud of their existence.