Friday, 26 May 2017


It makes me smile, it makes me cry.
The memory of how you loved me would never die.
I was here, but I was there.
With you in my heart, I never knew how far apart we were.
Mornings were charming, nights beautiful
Talking to you I knew you made my life meaningful
I am happy, yet I am sad.
You talk to me no more, yet I hear your voice, so more, so close than I ever had.
Come to me like the warmth of the summer Sun,
Stay close to me like the chilled breathe of the winter wind.
I yearn for the days of past
when I meant the world to you
and you meant life to me
Take me out of this grief,
Had I have, enough of the sobbing
Teach me once again
To live, to smile, to keep life moving.

Sunday, 7 May 2017


A woman of grace, courage, and wisdom
Of beauty, brilliance, and wit
She was a dreamer, young, and passionate
Of things, she could do with great skill.

A woman of attitude, elegance, and strength
Of confidence, dignity, and kindness
She was a fighter, fervent, and optimistic
Of things, she loved doing.

A woman stuck in the clutches of discrimination
Of gender, judgment, and patriarchy
She was a woman, muted, and restrained
Of things, she could achieve in life.

A woman cold, morose, and dejected
Of society, rejection, and impediment
She was a corpse, dead, and hopeless
Of things, that meant life to her.