Friday, 31 July 2015


It has been a tiring week. Loads of work to finish, deadlines to meet, projects to complete and the list goes on. We can hardly pull out some time for ourselves and our family. This is how most of the people spend their lives that are always preoccupied with work. And when we actually pull out some time, we don’t know what to do to feel relaxed and happy. Well, there are always these five things which everyone love to do and are so far believed to be the best ways to make one feel relaxed.

#1 Your favourite song.

When the right song rattles your ear drums, the entire meaning of life seems crystal clear. However tiring the day was, when you hear your favourite song it instantly lifts up your spirit. Music is always known to be the best stress reliever. So where ever you are, whatever you might be doing at that instant, if you are in need of some boost, just play that number.

#2 Your best friend.

Your best friend is the only person who knows how to make you smile even in the worst situation. Talking to your best friend about every tiny thing that’s going on in your mind is one way to let go of the burden on your head. This may not be the solution for your problems but this will certainly help you find a way out of because now you have person whom you trust the most to help you with it.

#3 Shopping with your mom.

This is one thing that every girl loves to do. Going out with your mom and spending time with her not only makes you feel relaxed but also makes her happy. She is the one who misses you and your company the most. Another advantage of shopping with your mom is she knows what suits you the best and she is also the best critic. Some wonderful time with your mom, shopping, eating out and those unstoppable giggles, I am sure no one would like to miss these things.

 #4 A walk with your pet.

Pets can prove to be the best companions when you don’t have people around to hang out with you. An evening walk with your pet along the empty roads is one best way to take a breather. Just let that cool breeze take away all the stress out of your mind and body. And your pet is already there to keep you in pace and give you a nice exercise.

 #5 Your favourite novel.

Books are our best friends, aren’t they? Be it mystery, romance or drama, they have always kept us involved and interested. A novel by your favourite author is just another thing that you would wish to have to keep cool. An interesting plot and good language accompanied by a nice coffee are enough to hold you for the next few hours. This is bliss!! These are just those simple things most of us would love to do when we have some free time for ourselves. It is all about doing something that can bring back your smile and keep you happy and contented about the way of your life.
Life is not just about reaching your goals. It’s about enjoying every bit of it. Every moment of
your life is memorable, every person in your life is special and everything that you do is a
memory. Achieving one’s goals is important and at the same time spending some time for
yourself and your family to relax and rejoice makes one’s life better.