Sunday, 3 August 2014

How Microsoft has impacted my life and how I plan to bring a change in the society being an MSA.

Hi friends. I am Sowmya Garimella, from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and this is my story on how Microsoft has impacted my life and how I plan to bring a change in the society being an MSA.

Over the past three decades, computers and software technology have seen great development. As a kid I was always fascinated by this magical machine that could play songs and movies, could paint colorful pictures and had games too. It was my best playmate. Back then I didn’t know how these things actually worked.  I praised my own self for the masterpieces that I made using the MS Paint. I love writing stories, articles and poems. I was introduced to MS word by my dad. He taught me how to use the MS Word and to save my work. The different fonts, colors and styles that MS Word provided added beauty to my work and the good thing is I am using MS Word to write this article. It always ensures that I haven’t made any errors J

We were taught computer science at school. That was where I learnt that all the credit for the splendid work I have been doing all these years actually goes to Microsoft. Eventually we were introduced to MS Office with MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel. Slowly we have learnt to use them and this made our work easier and effective.

Microsoft has offered a wide range of software and hardware products to meet the needs of users from various disciplines. Microsoft Operating System started with Windows 1.0. Later versions like Windows 2.0, Windows 2.1x, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7and Windows 8 came up with further improvements in each version. The latest Operating System is the Windows 8.1 OS. The features of this operating system are just amazing. I really like the start menu with colorful tiles and the facility of adding apps of our interest on the start screen. The search engine by Microsoft, “Bing” added another feather in the cap. It saves lot of my time by making the searching process easier.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy has been of great help to me in learning new things and in expanding my skills to a great extent. The free online tutorials provided here are designed by industry experts. The Self Assessment questions at the end of each class help us in evaluating our own selves. Not to forget, the Windows smart phones are a sensation in the world of smart phones. Giving a tough competition to the Android phones, Microsoft has developed an amazing range of smart phones with Windows operating system. I feel unlucky that I don’t have a Windows phone. But Microsoft has again won my heart by making available its apps in the android mobile store. I have downloaded almost all the Microsoft apps which fulfill my requirements. OneNote, MS Office, OneDrive, Bing Search etc are few apps that play a vital role in making my daily chores simpler. I was asked to give a seminar in my class as an assignment for the next day. I forgot about the work and went to college without the presentation. Ten minutes before the class started, my friend reminded of the work. I was dumbfounded for a moment but then I realized that I had the whole MS Office in my phone. Bing Search was there for my rescue too. I quickly downloaded all the required info and started my presentation using my MS Office Mobile app. I completed my work in time. This way, Microsoft products have played a major and a vital role in my daily life helping me in all my works.

How I plan to bring a change in the society being a Microsoft Student Associate:

As an MSA, I wish to educate people about the various products by Microsoft and various benefits of using them. For this, I would organize tutorials and boot camps for students through which I can bring to their knowledge various useful tools like Windows 8.1 enterprise preview, Windows Virtual studio etc. I would also like to bring out the useful resources available in Microsoft Virtual Academy. I have been greatly benefited by these tools and so I wish to share the same with many other students out there who aspire to learn new things.

At Andhra University, there a many students who are talented and are budding web developers. I plan to organize seminars, workshops etc. which would help students learn about various Microsoft products and tools.

I am looking forward to work with Microsoft. I am sure it would be a great learning experience too. I assure that I will put in all my sincere efforts and live up to everyone’s expectations.

                                                            Thank You!